Scraps Launched on Kickstarter

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There seems to be a growing number of New Zealand game developers. Scraps is a potential new game that may materialize from the creative minds of New Zealand game creator, Moment Studio. Intended for the PC, Mac and Linux, the game is based on a simple and fun activity – designing and controlling a machine on wheels to battle and dominate other combat vehicles. It has already launched on Kickstarter for crowd-funding and is looking to raise $23,000NZD.


Moment Studio is actually the efforts of a solo developer Bill Borman, who has been spent a good full year developing this game. The vehicle building aspect of the game is said to be “pretty much solid” with an early builder demo already available for download, although multiplayer gameplay is still several months away. Scraps is going to offer an alpha release of the game, not to give gamers a taste test so to speak, but to make use of a promise by Kickstarter to contribute about $20NZD for every copy of the Alpha released, which when ready in mid-2014 will offer multiplayer melee gameplay and a basic set of vehicle parts. An alpha purchase also means more game content, such as car parts, chassis types and additional game modes.

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