Sci-fi endless-runner RunBot© launches massive content update with custom robots and missions

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Sci-fi endless-runner RunBot© launches massive content update with custom robots and missions

2.8 million downloads and counting – version 2.0 of popular iOS game now features new RunBot models, customised skins, in-game missions & more

London, UK – December 29, 2013 –  Marvelous Games has today announced a major update to RunBot, the graphically stunning endless runner that has been downloaded over 2.8 million times on the AppStore since its launch on August 22.  RunBot 2.0 is a comprehensive update with a wide array of features including a varied mission system, striking new RunBot models and skins with enhanced in-game abilities, daily rewards, a score-multiplier system and a host of other customisation opportunities.

RunBot is a free to play game set in the year 2371, in a 3-D futuristic cyberpunk landscape.  Players are cast in the role of RunBot, an artificially intelligent robot that has rebelled against its role as a next-generation killing machine.  They must use intuitive touch/swipe motions to control fluid freerunning Parkour moves – vaulting static obstacles, sliding underneath electrified fences, leaping vast chasms – anything to keep ahead of chasing authorities.  It’s not just about running – powerful cutting-edge laser and missile weapons systems help RunBot blast a way to freedom.

“The development team at Bravo Games has been working incredibly hard over the past few months to bring RunBot fans this content rich update,” says Jonathan Nevill, RunBot Product Manager, MAQL Europe. “Our players love RunBot, and have been quick to suggest new improvements that we’ve included – customising RunBot and a mission system were both top of their list!”

To download RunBot for iOS on the AppStore, please visit here. RunBot will also be coming soon to Android platforms. For more information on RunBot, please click here.

About Marvelous Games:
Marvelous Games is the digital brand of MAQL Europe, a subsidiary of MarvelousAQL, Inc. of Japan – which is the result of the 2011 merger between Japanese publishers Marvelous Entertainment, AQ Interactive, and mobile/social developer Liveware.

Known for acclaimed console games like No More Heroes and Harvest Moon, MarvelousAQL has also enjoyed critical and commercial success in Japan with social and mobile games like Logres of Swords and Sorcery and Three Kingdoms.

Marvelous Games partners with mobile and social game developers around the world, including recent iOS titles such as Eyes Attack and the multi-million download hit RunBot, providing expert help with development funding, user acquisition, monetization, PR and marketing for their games.

About Bravo Game Studios: 
Bravo Game Studios is a mobile game developer located in Seville, Spain.

Established in 2010 as a result of the commitment of two leading companies in the mobile industry: Mobivery and Genera Interactive, Bravo Game Studios currently has 12 employees specializing in high-quality, bespoke mobile games delivered to the broadest possible audience.

In the past three years of activity, Bravo Game Studios has published more than 14 multi-platform titles, surpassing 7 million downloads. Many of these games have been featured in the main app stores – App Store and Google Play, each appearing at the top of the ranking in its category.

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