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Ranger Call Episode 03 – Ranger Rage


20 years ago, a show by the name of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers blasted onto our television line-up, featuring five teenagers who would tackle evil on a daily basis. As the years passed, we as fans grew up and moved on, but the series continued, evolving in different ways to retain an ageless charm that has ultimately resulted in a hardcore fan following. Ranger Call is a celebration of the phenomenon, where Dustin Spencer and Andrew Day come together to speak about their memories and discuss the many tropes that the show offered throughout its many incarnations.


This week, we bring back Ranger Call and crank it to the MAX….with news that is. From the new DVD sets, Mega Force entering Netflix, and several other stories, our two hosts spend their time sharing opinions on some awesome topics while touching on some very hot topics in the PR Universe. Will the Ranger War be decent? Is Amy Jo Johnson sincere? Do we have trouble remembering cast member’s names? All of that and more can be found in this episode of Ranger Call! Tune in below.



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