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Nagi no Asukara Episode 9 Impressions


Nagi no Asukara
Episode 9 – Unknown Warmth

After a fairly relaxed shopping trip, Episode 9 has started what is an ominous saga in the plot of Nagi no Asukara. It seems the significance of the Sea God and the differences between the sea villagers and the surface people have caught up to our young friends.

The saltflake snow continues to fall on both the surface and the village, gradually dropping the temperature over time. The village elders don’t know what to do and their sacred fire, the fire they borrow from Lord Uroko, has been running out at a quicker pace. Uroko visits the village himself and begins to explain just what is going on..


Meanwhile, despite Hikari’s stubborness he still cares about his dad and we see him worrying about how he’s handling himself on his own back at the village. Not only that, but he spearheads the effort to repair the wooden maiden and restart the boatdrift ceremony for the Sea God. While they go about their efforts, we learn that Tsumugu didn’t always live in the harbour town and he came over from the city nine years ago to live with the old man. It seems there is a lot we don’t know about that guy.

We also see the first signs of little Sayu admiring Kaname and igniting what may be a child’s heart throb. Unfortunately it seems like Kaname is only interested in where Chisaki went instead of complimenting her paint job. It turns out Tsumugu took Chisaki to replenish her ena moisture and here we have an awkward moment. It’s almost like Tsumugu can’t socialise with people properly and he speaks way too directly to her.


He probes why she’s given up on Hikari and then passive-aggressively states how he thinks she’s feeling. Then most suprisingly he states that he likes her the way she is, rather than her trying to change herself. What?! What is he trying to pull here? Obviously Chisaki feels incredibly uncomfortable and leaves for the village with Kaname in tow, revealing to him that she hates Tsumugu.

At this point, and I’m throwing speculation around here, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tsumugu isn’t human. It’s a long stretch but the fact that he’s so close to the ocean and his interest in the Sea Village makes me think he’s related to the Sea God or something. There’s just no way someone would talk to someone else like that.


The second half of episode 9 kicked off the ominous part of the plot. The whole village is waiting for Kaname and Chisaki’s return and we only find out why when Hikari goes back down trying figure out why none of them have returned to school. The snow has thickened and the villagers are not letting the kids go back up, saying that it’s too dangerous. Is something really going to happen or is it the village being stubborn and backwards again?

Here is what’s probably the most intriguing bit of the show up until now. In a powerful moment, Hikari can’t resist his love for Manaka when she’s standing in front him, vulnerable, despite knowing her feelings aren’t exactly the same as his. He gives her an awesome hug but she declines, pushing him away. Embarrassed, Hikari runs out only to be confronted by his dad who tells him to go home but also seeming like he will explain everything.


With a “dangerous” turn of events, we’re lead towards Episode 10, scratching our heads and thinking just how Hikari and Manaka will normalise their friendship. That was a cringe-worthy scene and one that none of us wanted to happen to the main leads.

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