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Kill la Kill
Episode 11: I’m Not Your Cute Woman

Previously on Kill la Kill, we were lucky enough to witness the musical fury of one Nonon Jakuzure. Amidst her aerial domination of our Scissor Meister, Senketsu evolved once more and took the fight to the skies. Which Jakuzure was not too happy about. With her superiority threatened, the band girl unleashes her full might on Ryuko. Will she win? Probably not…but let’s see what happens anyway.

Annoyed by the nerve of Ryuko, Jakuzure forgoes the tactics for a more…ballistic approach. After her various Scissor based attack fail to dent the mighty behemoth, Ryuko takes a different approach. Deciding to use her own power against her, Ryuko hijacks one of the numerous Flute Missiles and redirects it…straight into Jakuzure. With her machine destroyed, Ryuko goes for the classic Sen-i-Soshitsu. Unfortunately for her, there is one thing that a performer loves: an Encore. Releasing the power of her Three Star Uniform Symphony Regalia: De Capo, Jakuzure unleashes a focused music blast to eviscerate Ryuko. With their connection strained by the overwhelming sound, Ryuko and Senketsu struggle to make a counter attack. However, as they have in each previous fight: they evolve. Ryuko hones her senses and essentially becomes a tuning fork, transforming Jakuzure’s sound wave into one that matches her own body, rendering it ineffective. More than that, she manages to send it back to Jakuzure using her new technique: Senketsu Mubyoshi. With one final Sen-i-Soshitsu, it’s curtains for Nonon Jakuzure.


A New Challenger Appears…rather suddenly

With the third Elite Four member defeated, it’s time for her last battle before she takes on Satsuki herself. The all seeing bamboo blade master: Uzu Sanageyama. The two stare each other down, preparing for a climactic battle. One that will decide their place in Hannouji. Win or loose, the two will fight it out to the bitter end. With his Blade Regalia Mk II activated, Sanageyama lunges at Ryuko, who meets him in kind. Full speed, the two dash towards each other, voices loud, minds resolute, weapons drawn…then a girl floats down between them. Needless to say, both combatants are shocked by the sudden appearance of this cute girl. More surprising however, is the fact that the stoic Lady Satsuki loses her cool and screams for Sanageyama to fall back. Not a good sign. Not in Inumuta’s databanks, her identity is revealed when Satsuki questions why she, Nui Harime, has arrived.

When Sanageyama takes it upon himself to remove this new problem he, along with everyone else within Hannouji Academy, is shocked when Harime block his Three Star strike with nothing more than an umbrella. If that wasn’t shocking enough, she then proceeds to dismantle his Regalia with a pinky. With the nail on her pinky…Let me run that one by you again, the Elite Four member that almost destroyed Ryuko was bested by a single finger. We learn that this is possible due to the Banshi. Within each Goku Uniform is a single thread imbued with “the will to become clothing”, that allows the Life Fibres to maintain their form. In fact, it is the Banshi fibre that Senketsu absorbs after performing Sen-i-Soshitsu. However, as Iori states, it is inconceivable that anybody could locate the Banshi and destroy it in a mere moment. So things are not looking positive when she turns her attention to Ryuko.


Seriously, just look at her

Stating that Ryuko is free to let loose her full Kamui power, Harime attempts to goad her into combat. When her verbal attempts fail, she tries a more physical approach. From her outfit she draws a weapon. A very familiar, very rare weapon…a Scissor Blade. Harime then quite happily states that it was her who pulled the blade from Ryuko’s father, after she killed him. With her true enemy before her, Ryuko responds with pure, unbridled fury. Far beyond her anger at the Elite Four, at  Hannouji Academy, at Satsuki even. Blinded by rage, the syringe from her Gauntlet flies from her wrist as she prepares to utterly destroy Harime.

In the background of these revelations, we also catch a glimpse of Ragyo Kiryuin, the mother of the illustrious Hannouji President. A glorious, glorious glimpse.  Just as Satsuki is known for illuminating the school she looks down upon, her mother shines with the colours and and beauty of a marvelous rainbow. So much so that her assistant is forced to wear sunglasses. Anyway, it would appear that Ragyo is aware of the events in Hannouji. Satsuki even deduces that it is her mother who sent Revocs’ Grand Couturier (High Order Tailor) Nui Harime to interfere with the proceedings of the Naturals Election. Nudist Beach also lurks behind the scenes with plans of there own. As the ultimate badass Tsumugu Kinagase returns, he presents Mikisugi with a bullet that appears to be made of Life Fibres. As with any strange ammunition there is only one shot, so Mikisugi must abide by this anime trope and choose his target wisely. Be it Ryuko, Satsuki or the new threat: Nui Harime.


The face of pure fury

So with the powerhouse organisations preparing to make a move and Ryuko ready to launch into a rampage, next week is set to be chock full of violence and maybe some answers…but definitely violence. So much anger…

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