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Atelier Ayesha Plus announced for the Vita

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It looks like Tecmo Koei is going to continue to bring the Atelier games to the PlayStation Vita now that the Arland trilogy has concluded. In this week’s Dengeki PlayStation it has been revealed that Atelier Ayesha Plus is being developed for the Vita by Gust and it will be released on March 27th in Japan where a limited edition version of the game will come with a mini-crystal paperweight.

The Vita version of the game includes downloadable content from the original PlayStation 3 version, our review of which can be found here, and both Marion and Odelia will be available to join your party right from the beginning of the game. Since Escha & Logy has already been released in Japan, does this mean that sometime soon we’ll be hearing about a Plus version of that game as well? Probably.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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