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Zabrze, Poland – November 4, 2013.

Artifex Mundi announces its latest adventure game, Grim Legends. The title, scheduled to appear in Q1 of 2014, is set in a dark fairy tale world full of superstitions and magic. Beta

Program participants can already play an early preview of the game.

Grim Legends tells the story of a young woman whose twin sister is kidnapped by a monster from local folklore, a giant bear with supernatural predilections. Setting out to follow the beast’s tracks and find her sister, she enters a world where reality is not what it seems, where magic haunts her every step, as she traverses through a mysterious, ancient forest filled with fairy tale creatures and long-forgotten temples, to a labyrinth where one wrong decision could mean death.

Each clue reveals a new piece of the puzzle about her ties to this mystery, some going back generations. Sometimes legends are more than mere stories meant to fill us with fear and awe. Sometimes, they come true…

Players who joined the Beta Program can already check Artifex Mundi’s latest title, and can even influence the final release by completing a special survey about the look and quality of the game.

The game is scheduled for release Q1 of 2014.

More information on the Beta Program can be found here.

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