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The A-Team Joins Hutch Game’s Smash Bandits


The latest update for Hutch Game’s Smash Bandits comes at a bit of a surprise yet it almost seamlessly fits in with the overall feel of the game. If you’re unaware of what Smash Bandits is; it is a racing game like no other, you can smash cars, smash buildings and leave a trail of destruction behind you as you tear up the racetrack and fight to be the best. In the latest update for the game Hutch Games have decided that the perfect people to mix into the game is none other than the A-Team themselves! Be the best while being the best is something that fans of the action-packed racing game can now do and the development team could not be happier.


Hutch Games had this to say:

“This is the first big brand we’ve had the pleasure of working on and I’d like to thank our partners at Fox Digital and Silvastone Music who have been brilliant. The iconic 80s brand fits perfectly with our action racing game and we’ve had a load of fun bringing the music, the characters and the gadgets from the A-Team universe.”

The chaos is never ending and with updates like this who would want it to? If you’re a fan of racing, a fan of destruction or a fan of the A-Team I think this game is exactly what you’re looking for and, luckily for you, Smash Bandits is free and you can get yourself the game on all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)  by clicking on this link. New vehicle, new action, new tunes and a new way to burn rubber and smoke out the other racers! Get the Smash Bandits update now!