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Pokemon X and Y Sets Sales Record For Australia And New Zealand


The latest generation of Pokemon has set Australia and New Zealand ablaze with the sales of Pokemon X and Y, within its first weekend, absolutely destroying the sales of the previous generation. The first weekend available, Pokemon X and Y collectively sold 100,000 plus units across Australia and New Zealand. The Last generation, being Black and White, within the first week of sales had already sold over 80,000, Pokemon X and Y greatly exceeded that sales record within its first day of availability. This is fantastic news for both Nintendo and Game Freak but unfortunately for those who are yet to get a copy they may be waiting a little bit considering the massive sell out of games.


Demand is so high for these titles that game shops within our little part of the world have been mostly out of stock for a while now but Nintendo Australia are assuring us additional stock availabilities throughout Australia and New Zealand and, in turn, a lot of those who have missed will be able get their hands on a copy and finally they’ll be able to start their new adventure. For those who can’t wait any longer you have to remember that these titles are available for download in the Nintendo eShop for the 3DS. Check out the small gallery below for a couple cool images of the game and head to our comments section and let us know what you think.