Parrot Flower Power: Your personal gardening assistant!

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Parrot Flower Power: Your personal gardening assistant!

Australia, 11 November 2013: Parrot is bringing the Internet to your garden with Parrot Flower Power, the first smart wireless sensor equipped with Bluetooth Smart technology. Flower Power connects to your Smartphone to help maintain and grow your plants, with a dedicated application developed in collaboration with international scientists.
In a pot or in open ground, Parrot Flower Power monitors and analyses four criteria that are crucial to plant growth: soil moisture, fertiliser, ambient temperature and light intensity.

Rookie gardeners, expert planters or involuntary serial plant killers… Join the ‘eco-geek’ movement!

Available November 2013

Parrot Flower Power: the smart sensor watching over your plants!
Have you ever wanted to grow tomato plants or herbs on your balcony, citrus trees in your backyard or have beautiful flowering potted plants? Designed to resist a variety of difficult climates (rain, heat, frost), Parrot Flower Power is a sensor to be “planted” close to a plant, indoor or outdoor, in a pot or in open ground.

It measures, in real time and with precision, key factors that are crucial for the growth and good health of plants: soil moisture, fertiliser, ambient temperature and light intensity.

You can pair single Parrot Flower Power sensors with individual plants, or several plants to a single sensor. In the case of multiple plants, Parrot Flower Power measures the soil parameters in a perimeter of 5 to 10 cm around it, to help ensure that watering is distributed evenly and that the conditions of soil drainage, sunlight/sunshine and temperature are the same for all plants, like in a window box for example.

Advice on your Smartphone
The data and details of each plant are stored in the flash memory of the Parrot Flower Power for up to eighty days and regularly transferred via Bluetooth Smart to your Smartphone or tablet equipped with the free Flower Power App.

You can then consult the respective data and analysis easily on a single Smartphone or tablet to better maintain your plants and receive alerts when action is needed.

You can easily adjust the watering or the addition of fertiliser, find out if the location of your plants needs to be changed and be alerted to extreme temperatures
Parrot Flower Power App: having green fingers is easy…
Parrot Flower Power is accompanied by a free dedicated application, available to download on the AppStore. Very intuitive, it gives access to rich content and precise advice to help maintain your plants.

A botanical encyclopaedia
You can select the plant that needs to monitored from a library of more than 6000 plants, trees and vegetables (2000 species) compiled by a team of French, Dutch and American botanists. Via the app, you can access fact sheets: origin information, photos, maintenance needs and advice.

Lavender, basil, geranium, tomato plant, ficus or olive tree… Parrot Flower Power app knows exactly what plants need!

A garden 2.0
A home screen of the app shows your “garden” the list of all connected Parrot Flower Power sensors as well as the pictures of the associated plants. This allows you to quickly visualise all of your plants and their needs.

An “agenda” lists any tasks to be completed that day and predictions for the coming days (watering, addition of fertiliser etc.).

Follow-up of your plants’ needs
Every 15 minutes, Parrot Flower Power records the data that is important for the growth of the plant (soil moisture, fertiliser, light intensity and ambient temperature) and then sends them to your Smartphone/tablet when close (5 to 25 meters). Available in real time via graphs, this data is transmitted to the ‘Parrot Cloud’ for analysis by algorithms Requires Internet connection.

This analysis enables you to keep track of the condition of your plant and receive updates for any actions that need to be taken.

The data is symbolised by icons, which colour variations for each situation:
·        green: no action needed ;
·        red: immediate or incomplete action (in this case, an alert is sent to your Smartphone/tablet).
A scientific collaboration with universities and specialists of agriculture and horticulture
Parrot works with prestigious universities and laboratories to make agricultural and horticultural advice accessible to everyone.
Tests of thousands of plants have been administered in:
·        the laboratories of Wageningen University in the Netherlands ;
·        the centre of urban horticulture at Washington university ;
·        the greenhouses of Agrocampus Ouest in Angers, France ;
·        Topager’s urban vegetable garden located on the roof of AgroParisTech School.


With Parrot Flower Power you can learn plant care through the advice shared by the app.
Your vegetable, aromatic, herbaceous or ornamental plants will no longer hold any secrets from you!

·        Availability: November 2013
·        Recommended Retail Price: AU$79.99
·        Points of sales: Apple stores, leading DIY, specialist gardening stores & leading department stores  (exhaustive list on
·        Available colours: Green, Blue and Brown

Discover the Parrot Flower Power video in timelapse at:

The Parrot Flower Power application is now available for free via the AppStore.

Technical data
–        Compatible with Bluetooth® Smart ready Smartphones and tablets: iPhone4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad mini and iPod Touch 5th generation.
–        Water resistant (IPX5 and IPX7, ultrasonic welding of plastic parts and use of Macromelt® and polyurethane gaskets)
–        Temperature resistant (from – 10°C / 14°F to 55°C / 131°F).
–        6 month battery life (AAA battery included)
–        Dimensions: 35 x 70 x 195mm
–        Weight: 45.4g

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