Oxide’s Nitrous Engine to Support AMD’s Mantle

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Oxide’s Nitrous Engine to Support AMD’s Mantle

– New 64-bit, cross-platform 3D engine harnesses the power of Mantle in kicking off next generation of strategy games –

TIMONIUM, MD – November 4, 2013 – Oxide Games announced today that its recently revealed 3D engine, Nitrous, supports AMD’s Mantle technology. Nitrous, designed specifically for the hardware now common in PCs as well as the Sony PlayStation® 4™ and Microsoft’s Xbox® One™, is capable of simulating and rendering large-scale, complex scenes thanks to its 64-bit architecture and fully concurrent multi-core processing. Those visuals are even better on Mantle-enabled hardware like AMD’s Radeon™ R9, R7, and HD 7000 Series graphics cards.

“Mantle solves a problem PC developers have struggled with for years,” said Oxide co-founder Tim Kipp. “We’re closer to the graphics hardware than ever before, which lets us see dramatic increases in performance on Mantle-enabled systems. At the same time, the low cost of including Mantle support doesn’t prevent us from developing Nitrous for all modern graphics hardware, which makes it attractive to us as businesspeople.”

What makes Nitrous unique is its Simultaneous Work and Rendering Model (SWARM). Specifically, the engine renders calls automatically from whatever CPU core is most available. This allows for a vastly larger number of high-fidelity 3D objects to be rendered to the screen at the same time.

“We’re proud to be working with talented developers like Oxide. They were one of the many developers that have asked for what Mantle provides, and we’re happy to make their wishes come true.” said Ritche Corpus, Director of ISV Gaming and Alliances at AMD. “Our goal with Mantle is to give engine creators and game designers the tools they need to push the envelope of PC gaming, and Nitrous does exactly that.”

For more information about Mantle, please visit http://bit.ly/1ePJr0e.

For more information about Oxide and the Nitrous engine, please go to www.oxidegames.com.

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About Oxide Games
Oxide Games is an independent digital entertainment studio focused on delivering revolutionary leaps in PC and console gaming. Its first product, the Nitrous engine, will provide industry-leading visuals on both PCs and consoles. Oxide will be announcing its game projects at a later date. Oxide Games is based in Timonium, Maryland. Learn more at www.oxidegames.com.

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