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It’s Time to Lock ‘n’ Load. FPS Warriors Bundle Delivers 6 Steam PC games for $2.99

It’s Time to Lock ‘n’ Load. FPS Warriors Bundle Delivers 6 Steam PC games for $2.99

Strictly Embargoed: November 12th 2013 17:00 GMT: Clips and mags and ‘nades and frags, that’s what The FPS Warriors Bundle from Bundle Stars is made of. Fill your FPS boots with this bundle of brilliantly diverse Steam PC shooters, and help charity in the process.

For just $2.99 gamers will get Steam keys for all of these games from http://www.bundlestars.com/all-bundles/fps-warriors-bundle :


  • The Ship: Complete Pack (includes TWO EXTRA ACTIVATIONS for your friends)
  • Shattered Horizon
  • Dino D-Day
  • Section 8
  • Legendary
  • Sniper Ghost Warrior

Read for more detailed game highlights:

The Ship is an online murder game with a unique set of rules… gamers are coerced into a brutal hunt to indulge the fantasies of Mr X on board a luxury cruise ship. This Complete Pack also includes the single player mode and TWO EXTRA ACTIVATIONS to send to friends.

Shattered Horizon is the ultimate zero gravity FPS combat game for up to 32 players. Take what you’ve learned on the battlefield to create new tactics in fully three dimensional space battles.

Section 8 drops fans straight into fast-paced large scale FPS action in the far reaches of the galaxy! Join the epic battle between the 8th Armoured Infantry and the Arm of Orion with fierce squad-based combat across majestic alien worlds.

Dino D-Day harks back to World War II and sees Adolf Hitler’s resurrected dinosaurs trampling Europe and the Mediterranean. Team up with friends in this action-packed multiplayer game and choose to fight as the Nazis or Allied Nations in a quest to take down the ravenous reptiles.

Legendary delivers a massive blockbuster movie experience, dynamic environments and awe-inspiring fire-fights as you blast creatures of myth and legend right back into Pandora’s Box.

Sniper Ghost Warrior takes gamers to intense sniper missions and deadly assault scenarios. Featuring a realistic ballistics system, bullet cam mode, environmental effects and a variety of mission types, Sniper delivers an impressive visual and technological gaming experience.

Supporting Charity… Available now for a limited time, a percentage from every sale of The FPS Warriors Bundle goes to SpecialEffect (www.specialeffect.org.uk), a registered charity that improves the quality of life for disabled children and adults by providing specially adapted game controllers.

The FPS Warriors Bundle is available now from http://www.bundlestars.com/all-bundles/fps-warriors-bundle for just $2.99