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Infinite Crisis: New Champion = Harley Quinn

Infinite Crisis: New Champion = Harley Quinn

A former therapist fascinated by psychosis, Harleen Quinzel’s love for madness drove her mad with love.  Now she is called Harley Quinn, and as of November 18, she will be the newest addition to the Infinite Crisis roster of Champions.  Check out her awesome profile video here:

Infinite Crisis is an upcoming multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) set in the legendary DC Multiverse and in development by Turbine.

When Harley Quinn’s fascination with The Joker transformed into adoration, she went from being his therapist to being his accomplice. Several years of The Joker’s vicious love drew out her inner madness until she felt she was finally her “true self.” Yet in time, Harley grew tired of The Joker’s abuse and left him to become an almost equally notorious criminal. No matter what, though, Harley’s will always have a soft spot for her “Puddin’.”

A gifted gymnast with increased strength and agility, Harley supports with humorous heals and damages with deadly peels.

Check out the new Champion profile video via the link and embed code below, along with the accompanying key art.

Harley Quinn

YouTube link: http://youtu.be/zbeRp3HT47U

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