Arcade FPS Wrack Now Available on Steam Early Access

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HOUSTON, TEXAS – Nov. 11, 2013 – Final Boss Entertainment’s cel-shaded FPS Wrack is finally available on Steam! First-person shooter fans with gaming PCs can now purchase Wrack on Steam Early Access to experience this unique indie shooter well before the 2014 launch. The beta release adds a ton of new features—including a weapon (Bazooka), level (Fusion Plant), enemies (Rail Gun Soldiers), mode (Gallery), and massive graphics and sound effects upgrades.

The Story

In the year 2037, scientists at Osteron Research develop the Hyperion generator—a device that allows the creation of matter out of pure energy. Through its conversion of energy into food, clean water, and materials, Hyperion ends all wars and conflicts on Earth—but this peace is short lived. Just thirteen years later, aliens from the Arcturus star system discover the Hyperion Generator—thanks to reconnaissance ships. With Hyperion in their sights as a way to defeat an enemy race, the Arcturans prepare to do what they do best: eradicate all life on Earth and use the Hyperion technology for themselves!

In Wrack, players take on the role of Kain Sager—a street-smart warrior who stood alone while world peace made soldiers obsolete. After spending years preparing for this eventuality, Kain now must take matters into his own hands to rid Earth of the Arcturan threat.


Wrack pits players against the invading Arcturan Empire fusing arcade FPS action with light puzzle-solving. Players must battle through six levels filled with brutal creatures that move at blistering speeds and mechanized monsters programmed to kill on sight. Wrack features large, action-packed levels evoking Doom and Duke Nukem 3D—in addition to elaborate boss battles, stylized levels, and dangerous hazards reminiscent of classics such as Contra and Castlevania.

“Wrack marks the return of the arcade FPS—but it goes beyond ‘shoot everything that moves.’ It’s a game that dares players to navigate traps, pits, and other hazards while getting shot at,” says Brad Carney, founder and CEO, Final Boss Entertainment. “If you’re a Doom fan like me, the music by Bobby Prince alone will make your day.”

Steam users can go to to purchase Wrack today for $14.99. They can then head to the forums to share strategies and feedback.

Key Features

• Blood, sweat, and tears: Battle your way through hordes of monsters, bosses, traps, and more

• Cel-shaded graphics for that ultraviolence feel: Sprawling levels and comic book- inspired creature design, textures, and visual effects make for a an unforgettable campaign

• Hard-hitting soundtrack: Experience a new music score by the legendary Bobby Prince – the composer of id Software’s Doom

• Make it your own: Create your own levels with the WrackEd editor, or go for full-scale mods

• Bonus gameplay modes: Time Attack and Score Attack modes will challenge you to nail the best time . . . or highest score!

• Be heard: Help us make the game even more awesome in the Wrack forums!

Beta Features (new)

• New level (Fusion Plant): Brand new texture set and music

• New weapon (Bazooka): This rocket-launching weapon is capable of taking out groups of enemies at any range

• New mode (Gallery): Browse through in-game and concept artwork

• New enemies (Rail Gun Soldiers): These deadly enemies can strike whenever you’re in their sights

• New storyboards & cut-scenes: Wrack’s storyline now unfolds behind beautifully drawn storyboards

• New loading screen & loading music: One step closer to launch 🙂

• Overhauled texture set: Level 1 now looks completely different while keeping the basic design players love so much

• Revamped effects! Gibbing and blood splattering get a lot of attention—and it shows!

• Much bigger & better-looking levels: The upgrade you’ve been waiting for!

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