Two Dengeki Bunko Light Novels Get Anime Adaptations

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During the Dengeki Bunko Autumn festival that took place yesterday in Akihabara, it was announced that two light novel series will be adapted into anime series.

Both Black Bullet and Mahouka Koukou no Rettousie will be getting anime series, however at the time of writing no official dates have been given for either of them. The adaptation for Black Bullet will be done by Kinema Citrus and Madhouse Studios will be in charge of Mahouka’s production.

Black Bullet (created by Shinden Kanzaki and Saki Ukai) is based around Rentaro and Enju; two kids who belong to the Civil Security, a special organization that battles with viral parasites called Gastrea. Both Rentaro and Enju have special abilities that allow them to battle these creatures in a world where the Gastrea have exiled all humans to a small territory.

Mahouka Koukou (created by Tsutomu Satou and Kana Ishida) centres around siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki, who are both gifted with supernatural powers. The series is about the events that occur when both enroll into a magic high school in order to develop their skills and advance asMagical Technicians”.


Official anime websites for both LNs have been created and while Black Bullet is very minimalistic, Mahou Koukou’s contains more information about the series. Both light novels were published in 2011 and are still ongoing.

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