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Rune Factory 4 lands in North America today


We have some good news for you, Rune Factory 4 is now available for purchase in North America both at stores and through the Nintendo eShop if you have trouble tracking down a copy. The game costs $39.99 and if you are debating about whether or not it is worth your time, well you can find my review of the game here.

XSEED Games‘ Rune Factory 4 features an interesting storyline where players can play as either a male or female hero and help the land of Selphia by taking over the royal duties of the town and lead it to success. This is done by fulfilling requests from the townsfolk, farming, defeating various monsters and much more. Of course there is always the option to look for a marriage candidate as there are six potential bachelors and six potential bachelorettes available for the wooing.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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