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Paradox Interactive opened the flood gates and let the waters of gaming knowledge rush forth today. They gave up a little information regarding five titles coming up or having content worked on for them. The breakdown can be found below:


Empire building strategy game Europa Universalis IV, developed by Paradox Development Studio, was initially released in August and they’re just getting start on it. A big announcement will be coming next week! In the meantime, you can visit the official website here.



The newest DLC for Crusader Kings II, entitled “Sons of Abraham,” has just been announced. It brings Christianity, Judaism, and Islam to the forefront with papal elections, religions favors, and more! It’s scheduled to launch November 18! You can read more about it here.



War of the Vikings, the upcoming multiplayer close-quarters game, has entered Early Access on Steam. The Huntsman update was just recently added, granting hunting bows and the mighty Dane Axe to warriors thirsty for blood. Tomorrow, the eerie, foreboding map Sanctuary will be released and will only be playable on Halloween! More major updates are coming up soon too! Read more about it here.



If you’re going to go to war, there’s no better way than with the powers of mystery and the elements at your side, but you’re going to need practice! Magicka: Wizard Wars is available on Steam’s Early Access right now and take on other wizards and get that needed practice! You can check out their official website here.



Recently announced, Warlock II: The Exiled is set to be released in Spring 2014. Sequel to the turn-based fantasy wargame Warlock: Master of the Arcane, it will grant you the power to  build vast armies to conquer cities while you research the next spell to crush your opponents!

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