Limited Edition 3DS XL Colours Announced

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Nintendo has put out some incredible game releases for the 3DS lately and each of the big titles has come wit it’s very own “limited edition” 3DS XL design; Fire Emblem: Awakening had one, Pokemon X and Y had two, and the upcoming One Piece Unlimited World Red also has two coming so in this day and age we’re not short on uniquely designed consoles. It has just been announced that Japan will be getting another two limited edition 3DS XL Console Colours and, although they are similar to the standard red and blue, they are looking fierce!

The glossy orange and turquoise additions to the 3DS family look fantastic with their black frames with colour matching buttons, bumpers and stylus. They are both set for release on the 28th of November and we’ll be going for $205 each. They look super stylish and if I didn’t already have a 3DS you bet I’d be excited to pick one of these babies up! Let us know what you think about the new colours/designs in our comments section below.

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