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KFC Snack! in the Face Mobile Game Released


A great new game has been released by KFC. DT and Ogilvy collaborated with KFC to bring us ‘KFC Snack! in the Face’, a physics based action game for iOS and Android.

The story centres around KFCs tasty snacks where players help Colonel Sanders steal back his Popcorn Chickens that have been snatched away by the evil and gluttonous Professor Snackbot. To get back all the tasty snacks, players are challenged to launch Popcorn Chickens into Colonel Sanders’ mouth Angry Birds style, while dodging fireballs, lasers and more.


KFC’s fast-paced Snack! in the Face game is jam-packed with unique and exciting features, including:

  • Adventure Mode – Help Popcorn Chickens escape from three of Professor Snackbot’s lairs – the not-so-Secret Lab Lair, the steamy Volcano Lava Lair and the glacial Arctic Ice Lair. Watch out for buzz saws, fireballs, lasers and more to help your Popcorn Chickens escape!
  • Snack Time Mode – Everyday between 2pm-5pm AEST, test your speed and agility in the special Snack Time daily challenge to instantly win free KFC snacks
  • Win snacks on the go – In Adventure Mode, players can unlock achievements and find collectables to win free KFC snacks and discount offers. All snacks won in game are stored in My Snacks, your own prize wallet full of chicken. Just show the prize screen on your mobile device at a KFC restaurant to redeem your snack
  • Win snacks for your friends – For the not-so-hungry, share the snacking fun and gift snacks to your Facebook friends through the game


Acting Chief Marketing Officer at KFC, Valerie Kubizniak, said:

With more Aussies eating and snacking on the go, KFC’s Snack! in the Face mobile game was a natural next step to connect with our customers. The game is fun to play, but also allows our customers the opportunity to win our great-tasting KFC snacks anytime, anywhere.

This is yet another great marketing plan by KFC like the ‘Say It With Chicken‘ campaign. KFCs use of interactive media for marketing is clever and creates a fun casual game with hours of gameplay value, entertaining challenges and a chance to win great-tasting KFC snacks. The tasty game is now available on the Apple App Store (here) and Google Play.