Capsule Computers Podcast Episode 091 – Legend Swaggy

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Pokemon X and Y is FINALLY here! Have we caught them all?  No…. But we’re getting there! This week on CC Unplugged, Luke Halliday, Philip Federico, Kane Bugeja and Frank Inglese go bonkers for Pokemon X & Y, giving their opinions of the game so far, while also sharing their Pokemon Team and also the names of their Pokemon. We also speak about Grand Theft Auto V, and other open world games.  We also discuss a number of titles such as Watch_Dogs, Assassins Creeds IV, Call Of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4. It is a show full of…stuff, and you should tune in and check it out!

So grab a space shuttle, tell your friends, and prepare to get UNPLUGGED WITH LEGEND SWAGGY!



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