Atlus USA kicks off ATLUS-O Weenie 2013 costume contest



As you may know, or at least if you happen to live in North America, Halloween is coming up and Atlus is going to take full advantage of the holiday to hold a special contest. The contest is being called the ATLUS-O-Weenie 2013 costume contest and fans of their games can submit photos of themselves dressed up in various costumes from their games in an attempt to win prizes.

There are four categories to potentially win, with the reward being an Amazon gift-card; a best overall costume from Atlus’ titles will be given $200, Etrian Odyssey-Themed outfits can win $100, Dragon’s Crown-Themed can win $100 and finally Shin Megami Tensei-Themed outfits can win $100. They will also select four winners at random which will be given a $50 gift-card just for trying.

etrian-odyssey-untold-highlander- (2)

Now on to the logistics, of how to enter and the rules, so be careful about any potential Dragon’s Crown costumes you might wear, as it may violate a rule or two. Read about those details below:

  1. Go to our official ATLUS Facebook page
  2. Select the Shortstack application
  3. Enter and submit your information
  4. We will be announcing the winners on 11/12 so get creative with your costumes, pray to Althena for good luck, and may the best ATLUS-O-Weenian win!

Open to residents of U.S. and Canada, 18 years or older. Entries must be received by 9:00 a.m. PT on November 4th. You can enter the Promotion through the ShortStack application on the Facebook Platform located at:

You can also find the application on the ATLUS-O-Weenie tab on the ATLUS USA page on Facebook ( Use the ShortStack application to submit the required information and upload an image. You may enter once, submitting one (1) costume and a maximum of one (1) photo of your costume at time of entry. Past winners of any prize may not re-use the same costume to enter again. Entries must be of characters from an ATLUS/Index Digital Media, Inc.-published game.

Entries containing lewd, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate content, such as but not limited to profanity, nudity, excessively amorous behavior and/or vulgar gestures will be rejected. Any images submitted that depict illegal or criminal behaviors or activities will be rejected and will immediately be provided to appropriate law enforcement officials, along with any information pertaining to said entrants. Submissions must be made by the person depicted in the submitted images. No costumed pets permitted. Anyone making a submission that is found to be of someone other than the submitter will be disqualified and barred from all further instances of the ATLUS-O-Weenie competition. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that they have permission to publicly display all objects or persons in their submission.

Entries that do not follow official rules as stated will not be accepted, or will be disqualified.

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