Ubisoft have confirmed (for the most part) the leaked list of digital titles for upcoming release at their Digital Days 2013 event mere hours ago.

We will update this article with more official information and screens as they come (downloading files in the GBs on Australian broadband speeds sucks!), but for now, here is the full list of titles revealed:


Assassin’s Creed: Liberation HD – A console revamp of the originally PS Vita exclusive Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, set for release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. 

Trials FrontierAnnounced at E3 in June, Trials: Frontier is a mobile entry in the addictive, BMX trial series that features a storyline and maintains social aspects.

Child of Light – A J-RPG inspired adventure game that was designed to be played co-operatively, even with your parents/children.

Duel of Champions – Commonly referred to as Might & Magic: Duel of Champions, the online card game is made free-to-play on PC and iOS.


The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot – A free-to-lay PC MMO looter. Click on the title link for a look at past related articles (includes multiple trailers) and check out the Archer character type.

Rayman: Fiesta Run – A follow-up to Rayman: Jungle Run featuring more than 75 levels across four worlds, and adopting the Invasion Mode from Rayman Legends. Releasing for the iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices.

Watch_Dogs – The companion app that has previously been demonstrated working in conjunction with the full console experience. Will release for iOS and Android.


Autodance 2014 – A standalone iOS and Android app scheduled for release on September 26th, that lets you record your dance moves and share them across your various social media channels.

The Crew -Another companion app, this time for Ubisoft’s next-gen, socially charged, open-world “Car-PG” The Crew.

Dragow – A title from Owlient Studios where you “raise dragons and conquer a whole world of flying islands” according to the developer’s website (most information released is in French).


Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online – A browser-based spin-off of the original tactical combat game. EndWar Online will enter closed beta before year’s end.

Panzer General OnlinePanzer General is back but as a toy-soldier style, online card game. The game will be browser-based, and free-to-play. Built in flash for the PC, it will launch in this quarter.

Rabbids Big Bang – A new Rabbids title that will be hitting smartphones and tablets in this quarter. This time the Rabbids are taking over space and making it their playground. You can discover the secrets of gravity and use it to reach the edges of the galaxy, fly around planets, and lots more.


Valiant Hearts: The Great War – A 2D adventure/puzzle title set during World War 1 that tells a gripping and emotional story (no typical war gameplay). Release will coincide with the centennial of WW1 sometime next year.

Assassin’s Creed: Pirates – A standalone mobile excursion into the life of a pirate for high-end tablets and smartphones. Will release in this quarter. First screenshots can be found below.

Stay tuned to Capsule Computers in the coming days as we go more in-depth on each title mentioned here.

I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment (w/ major in Games Design) course at Qantm College, Sydney.

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