Sanctum 2 Second DLC “Ruins of Brightholme” Dated

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Independent developer Coffee Stain Studios have already released a sizable DLC for their game, Sanctum 2, and they have now announced the second DLC as “Ruins of Brightholme”, which will be releasing this week. Adding new weapons, more interactive maps, more towers, new enemies, perks, and rank cap increase of 5.

This new expansion for Sanctum 2 is set in Brightholme, but the rundown aspect of the location plays a key role in the new additions. From improvised weapons like the Nail Gun and Circle Saw, each with awesome secondary attacks, to haphazard towers like the Rupture Mines and Makeshift Tower, which can critically strike or breakdown randomly. There is also new infected enemies with regenerative powers, but players will have their own edge as players can customize with seven perks with varying effects from kill streaks to bonuses while at full health.

Players wanting to get the “Ruins of Brightholme” DLC will be able to download it on PC for Steam for $4.99 , or is included with the Season Pass for $11.99 on September 6th, 2013. Those wanting more information on Sanctum 2 can check out our Review.

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