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Pyroar Revealed for Pokemon X and Y

He’ll reduce you to Simbas…cinders

The Pokemon Company has just revealed the newest addition to the ever growing list of newcomers set to appear in Pokemon X and Y. The latest creature added to the fray is the kingly evolution of the previously revealed Lion Cub Pokemon Litleo. A ferocius, fire maned feline known as Pyroar. Just as its evolution before it, Pyroar will be a Fire/Normal type, the first Pokemon to wield such a type combination. True to its royal nature, Pyroar will have access to the abilities Unnerve and Rivalry. It was also shown that Pyroar is able to use the move Echoed Voice. It has also been revealed that Pyroar will have a female form:


Pokemon X and Y draws ever closer, so grab your Nintendo 3DS and get ready. With the reveal of this combustible cat to tide you over, stay tuned for more Pokemon news as it comes to light. It’s good to be king…