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Kill La Kill 3-Minute English-Subtitled Trailer Released


On Wednesday Aniplex USA posted a three-minute video for the upcoming Anime Kill La Kill. This trailer, however, is the exact same as the last video that was released except for that it has English Subtitled. Now even though it isn’t any different from the Japanese-released trailer it is still interesting to watch if you’re excited for the Anime because, well, you can understand what the characters are saying now.

Aniplex USA also recently announced that it has the license for the series and that they will be streaming it on Daisuke, Crunchyroll, Hulu and their very own Aniplex Channel straight after it airs in Japan. Daisuke also announced that they will stream Kill La Kill in five different languages; English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and German. Check out the Kill La Kill English-Subtitled Trailer below.