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Swedish developer Might and Delight are proud to announce the release of their innovative title, Shelter, (check out our review for it here) on Steam as well as a new trailer to accompany it. The game is set to have a retail price of $9.99, although if gamers act before September 4 they can get the title with a bonus 10% discount off the standard charge.

For the uninitiated Shelter puts gamers into the role of a mother badger with the seemingly simple task of keeping your brood of five cubs alive as you traverse varied woodland areas. The game is broken up into separate levels each with their own theme and obstacles to set them apart from the previous one. The game has you forage for food in the forests, but to keep it interesting the game does not have enough food for the entire pack to remain fed so the game throws in a hunting feature that requires a certain element of stealth to accomplish. There are also dangers in the form of other woodland creatures, most notably a giant bird that you must avoid by hiding and quick movements lest you turn into a hot meal yourself. To accompany the gameplay and setting the developers have included a striking soundtrack to set the mood based on the on-screen action.

The game is available on PC as a stand alone title or also as a bundle for $15 with the developers’ last release Pid.



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