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Yes that’s right Pokemon fans, Mega Pokemon are a thing now. For all those that dreamed they’re old Pokemon would get a new form or evolution in Pokemon X & Y you may be in luck. The latest issue of CoroCoro magazine has revealed that some Pokemon can achieve an entirely new form through a process called Mega Evolution, which is likely to involve some sort of unique item as well as a new item called a Mega Stone.


Pokemon confirmed to be getting a Mega form so far include Blaziken (which means it is the first Pokemon to have four stages of evolution), Ampharaos, Mawile, Lucario, Absol and Mewtwo. Mega Pokemon have a new look, new abilities and can even change type. For example, Mega Mawile becomes a steel/fairy type and Ampharaos becomes electric/dragon. We have seen Mewtwo’s Mega form announced much earlier and it is officially know in English as Awakened form, so it is likely the term ‘Mega’ will changed to ‘Awakened’ in the process of translating it to English. Whatever they’re called, these new Pokemon definitely look like they’re ready to throw down. A new female gym leader named Koruni was also revealed and it is said she can tell you all about the secrets of Mega Evolution.


Three entirely new Pokemon were also revealed. They’re Japanese names are Meikuru, Dedenne and Horubii. Meikuru is a grass type and is the pre-evolution of Gogoat, the Pokemon we’ve seen that is ridable in a previous trailer. Dedenne is an electric/fariy type, and looks like a tiny Raichu crossed with Hamtaro, while Horubii is a small normal type Pokemon who looks like a cartoon rabbit. A new Super Training area was also shown as part of the world map, but no further details on this have been stated.

How do you feel about Pokemon getting a Mega Evolution? My hype for this game just rose another 10 points. Stay tuned to Capsule Computers for all the latest developments on Pokemon X & Y as the game nears it’s October 12 release date on the Nintendo 3DS.

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