Monster Hunter Frontier G Gets Trailer

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Capcom, the publishers behind the popular Monster Hunter franchise, released a new trailer for an upcoming Monster Hunter game today. Dubbed Monster Hunter Frontier G, the newest title in the franchise will be coming to the PlayStation 3 and Wii U.

“So why another Monster Hunter game? Will it be any different than Monster Hunter 3?” This release of Frontier G will mark the first time that the Frontier branch of the series has come to either a Sony or Nintendo platform. On top of that, it will boast several bits of new content including:

  • 10 new monsters
  • 21 current monsters that will be available at G-Rank
  • Three new areas
  • Over 150 G-Class weapons
  • Over 150 G-Class armors
  • 30 new skills
  • 4 new elementals
  • New actions for 11 weapon types

For more information, be sure to watch the trailer in the video player below this article.

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