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Grinsia Announced for 3DS and PC

A story of heroes, relics and epic adventures

Developer and publisher Nicalis Inc. has announced that Kemco’s classic 16-bit style JRPG Grinsia, will be released for Nintendo 3DS, PC, Mac and Linux.

Grinsia follows a family of three treasure hunters who go out in search of some ancient ruins said to be full of untold riches. Their adventure begins with little incident, but little do they know that they’ll be caught up in a more sinister plot as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

  • Heavily enhanced from the original: Complete re-localization, all new SNES-tastic soundtrack, dual-screen support (3DS only), enhanced controls and more!
  • Traditional JRPG anime-inspired art style: Classic, 16-bit pixel art brings you back to a bygone era.
  • A wide range of allies, and many ways to enjoy the adventure: Choose your allies from a wide range of characters with each character reacts differently to each event. Play Grinsia again and again, experiencing the different reactions of party members.
  • Night and Day cycles: As time passes, the game changes between day and night. The appearance of towns and open land, and the way the game progresses will differ between day and night.
  • ‘EX Skills’ system: The treasure you gain has special powers, and can be used during battle. When you use a piece of treasure as an accessory, you become able to use ‘EX Skills’.

Masaomi Kurokawa (Kemco Games Deputy General Manager) said:

“We’re excited to be partnering with Nicalis on publishing, Grinsia, one of our JRPGs for the Nintendo 3DS and PC.”

Victor Rodriquez (Nicalis CEO and Executive Producer) also noted:

“We’re seeing a fantastic resurgence in the genre, and hope that Grinsia is the first of many games that we can bring to new audiences.”

Grinsia is set for release sometime during Quarter 4 2013. For more information, visit the official site. Check out the screenshots below for some good ol’ JRPG action.