Gon and Yusuke confirmed for J-Stars Victory VS

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gon-yusuke-j-starsThe latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump has confirmed that Gon Freecss and Yusuke Urameshi will be playable characters in the hotly anticipated Shonen Jump fighting game J-Stars Victory VS.

For those who do not know, Gon is the protagonist of Hunter x Hunter and Yusuke is the protagonist of Yu Yu Hakusho, both manga series from legendary mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi. You can check out Gon and Yusuke in their J-Stars game form in the image to the right.

Stay tuned as more characters are revealed for J-Stars Victory VS. We recently posted a feature article on characters we feel should appear in the game, you can see who we think should be in the game here.

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