Flatland: Fallen Angle Released for Free to Support Particulars Greenlight

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SeeThrough Studios, the team behind Unstoppabot, is releasing their game Flatland: Fallen Angle as a Free-For-All edition to support the Greenlight campaign for their upcoming game Particulars. Not only is the original Flatland being re-released for free, the Free-For-All edition comes with the soundtrack, two video documentries, and The Shaping of a Studio eBook that covers the game’s development from a 96 hour game project to a full blown indie title. The game can be played for free on Kongregate or can be downloaded at SeeThrough Studios.

Particulars is SeeThrough Studio’s new narrative driven arcade puzzler, a game inspired by subatomic particles. The game takes physics based gameplay to a literal level, as players will control a quark and must navigate through a world where other subatomic particles will has an effect on the player’s movements. Check out the game and remember to vote for it at the official Particulars Greenlight page.

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