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Such is life…

Independent developer Vagabond Dog, along with Devolver Digital, have announced their newest PC title: Always Sometimes Monsters. An unconventional RPG about life, love and the lengths that we will go to find happiness in both. The game aims to explore themes and issues of the modern world where decisions you make affect your life and the lives of those around you.

Players will assume the role of a character out of luck, out of money and on the verge of collapse after learning their beloved is set to marry someone else. Choose from characters of different gender, race, and sexual orientation and set out on the open road to overcome everything and everyone that life throws at you on your way to redemption. Start and end relationships with a colourful cast of characters, make an honest buck or lie for a few more dollars more and deal with friendship and prejudice as you make your way through the modern grind.


And the consequences are his to bear

  • Choice – A story-driven experience focusing on relationships and emotional bonds rather than traditional RPG combat and adventuring. Indecision is your enemy and empathy is your weapon in a quest to earn one last chance to win back the love of your life.
  • Circumstance – Choose from characters of different gender, race, and sexual preference and live through the common experiences and unique hardships of each based on your selection. NPCs may treat you differently based on your gender, race, or sexual preference opening and closing different paths along the way.
  • Consequence – Each playthrough is filled with staggering number of diverging paths that can be discovered through both overt actions and subtle choices in conversation. Everything from the wellbeing of your elderly neighbour to your best friend’s drug habit hinge on the choices you make, but it can be hard to tell when you’ve made the right one.

Justin Amirkhani (Vagabond Dog Developer) said:

“Developing Always Sometimes Monsters has been a continual process of evaluating our game mechanics and it has also been an evolution of how we regard ethics and morality. Concepts of right and wrong can easily whittle away within the game, so we are looking forward to seeing what choices players make during their unique journeys.”

A demo of Always Sometimes Monsters will be playable at PAX Prime (Booth 871) from August 30th to September 2nd. This will take players through a few of the initial sequences and asks players to make a decision that will permanently affect the character in the game upon Spring 2014 release. For more information, visit the official sites and check out the screens below. Can we be salvaged, or are there always sometimes monsters?

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