Seven Seas Entertainment reveals January 2014 Manga release schedule

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monster-musume-volume-2Seven Seas Entertainment recently announced what manga series they are planning to release in January 2014 and of these releases, a couple of them include some of their recent acquisitions. Interestingly enough, at the moment each of these manga are set to be released on January 7th, but that date will likely change to spread out throughout the month considering the company has six different manga volumes being released in January, including the second volumes for the aforementioned recent pick-ups, Monster Musume and Love in Hell.

The full list of titles coming out in January can be found below:

  • Love in Hell Volume 2
  • Dictatorial Grimoire 2: Snow White
  • My Boyfriend is a Vampire Volumes 11-12
  • Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends Volume 5
  • Monster Musume Volume 2
  • Alice in the Country of Hearts: Mad Hatter’s Late Night Tea Party Volume 2
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