One Piece: Romance Dawn Confirmed For European Release

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Shanks for the hat…sorry

Yes! It’s true! Another great One Piece game is heading out of Japan and will slowly make it’s way into the West, first stop; Europe! Namco Bandai Europe announced it on Wednesday that the One Piece: Romance Dawn 3DS RPG will definitely have a European Release. The one thing that hasn’t been confirmed is it’s release in North America.

One Piece: Romance Dawn begins, as the title notes, in the “Romance Dawn” arc of the Series. The game will follow the entire Crew’s adventure all the way up until the Marineford Arc, battling well known enemies such as Buggy, Arlong, Crocodile, Rob Lucci and much more. The game will also feature about a half hour of brand-new, extra Anime footage.

I hear he wants to be King of the Pirates.

RPG lovers will enjoy this journey, levelling up Luffy and his nakama, as well as customising and crafting a ton of items. The game will also include clever strategy with a “Grand Tactical Battles” feature. Players must react quickly, and make a swift judgement calls to decide their own path by pressing the right button. The “Grand Chain” will also let experienced players unleash their power and connect multiple Special Attacks in a row.

One Piece: Romance Dawn will be released in Japan on the 8th of August and will be released in Europe sometime in November, no specific date has been outlined as of yet but keep your eye on the site for any details that will be released within the coming months. For more information, visit the official site and check out the pics and trailer below.

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