Indie Royale’s Indie Gamer Chick Bundle Released

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Indie Royale teamed up with the site Indie Gamer Chick to hand pick nine of her favourite indie games that were released on Xbox Live Indie Game. For one price, buyers will receive Dead Pixels, Chester, Antipole, LaserCat, Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos, Little Racers STREET, SpyLeaks, Orbitron: Revolution, and a mystery game. The games are a variety of Steam, Desura, and DRM free files. This bundle is only compatible with Windows PCs.

Indie Royale buyers can name their price, as long as it is above the current minimum price. As buyers pay the bare minimum, the minimum price will rise for future buyers. Buyers who pay $10.00 or more for the bundle will cause the price to drop for other buyers.

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