Faster Than Life Video Game Section Coming to the Scottish Car Show

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Car fans that enjoy their video games, especially racing games, who are heading to the Scottish Car Show on July 21st, 2013 are in for a neat surprise as Big Red Barrel are bringing a Faster Than Life video game section to the show; one of the largest driving events in the UK. Featuring retro and beyond, Big Red Barrel will be providing plenty of incentives in the form of prizes to win for those who check out all the games they will have set up completely for free.

With the retro experiences coming thanks to Replay Events and the newer stuff thanks to Big Red Barrel themselves, they will be looking get as many people playing and spreading the word on the two big gaming charities Extra Life and Special Effect. While the exact line-up has not yet been announced, the event sounds to be a lot and fun and be worth the time for anyone going to the Scottish Car Show.

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