Face Noir now available for PC

PC Adventure Indie Puzzle


Developer Mad Orange and localized publisher Phoenix Online Studios are pleased to announce that Face Noir is officially available via online stores. This point-and-click adventure title delivers plenty of emotion stemming from the hardships of New York in the 1930’s. With the Great Depression casting an overbearing frown, private detective Jack del Niro dives headfirst into an unending pit of mystery. As Jack uncovers more clues, the plot not only thickens but twists and turns. When it is all said and done, the finger he wants to point to place the blame has no owner. The only finger that remains pointing is at himself and his own ‘destiny’.

Be sure to take a look at our Face Noir Review as well as our special CC Indie Spotlight that showcases the entire first chapter of the game! Not enough to satisfy your taste buds? Buy the game for $19.99 or play the demo for free (here).

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