Dungeon Dashers Dashing Into PAXAus This Weekend!

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The upcoming game from the developer Jigxaw, Dungeon Dashers, will be on display at the Australian Penny Arcade Expo, or as it is known locally, PAXAus. Dungeon Dashers is a dungeon crawling game with turn-based gameplay.

One thing to look out for with this game is the artistic detail that goes along with it. This is a bonus to the fast-paced gameplay that is interesting to see within a turn-based game.

Also of interest is the games website. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen such a brilliantly designed page. My eyes are quite in love.

For anyone looking to try out this game and meet its developers, they can head over to booth #1033 which is conveniently placed near the cafeteria at the event. Be sure to check out the trailer below for more info.

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