Dragon Age Inquisition Gets Some More Details

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Dragon Age: Inquisition, the upcoming Dragon Age title from Bioware and Electronic Arts, recently got some information dropped on it in the Bioware panel at PAX Australia.

Some of the high points from that panel regarding Dragon Age: Inquisition. Some of those high points include:

– They’re aiming for a mix between the tactical combat of Origins and the “fluidity” of DA2.

– Lots of exploration, they mentioned Bioware’s history of exploration in previous games and said it was a theme they were returning to.

– The player can explore maps and find new things, including  “small dungeons or big dungeons”.

– DAI has a diverse range of environments. There won’t be the same cave repeated seventeen times, etc. The team went through and listed some, as well as showing all the concept art we’ve seen so far (including the new ones they showed at PAX Aus).

– Desert, swamps, mountains, grasslands, ruins, snowy locations – possibly some more but I didn’t catch them.

– Patrick also said (unprompted) that they’re aware of the backlash against ME3’s ‘autodialogue’

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