Diablo 3 – #EvilReborn Part 2 & 3 Teaser Trailers

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Ever since the first #EvilReborn teaser trailer for Blizzard’s Diablo 3 was released, PlayStation has been relentless with their onslaught of #EvilReborn material. The second movie in the series presents itself as another Paranormal Activity skit with a small child standing dangerously close to the TV. Consider this a lesson learned when parenting your children.

#EvilReborn Part 3 offers a slightly different route as the footage plays out like a maze in a first-person view. When given the option to pick a weapon, would you choose a PS3 controller over a knife or hammer? This guy certainly did, and then probably crapped his pants after seeing the glowing red eyes.

And that wraps up the series thus far. Stayed tuned for more #EvilReborn updates as Diablo 3 is quickly approaching its launch date – September 3, 2013.

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