Devil Maker: Tokyo Released on iOS and Android

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Beware the devil’s charms

Mobile game company Palmple, in affiliation with SmileGate, have released their newest title Devil Maker: Tokyo for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android. The game itself is a role-playing adventure, featuring traditional turn-based combat and anime-inspired artwork.

Devil Maker takes place in Tokyo of the near future as eternal night has engulfed the city. Devils, once only found in fairytales and nightmares, begin to appear in the streets, coexisting with humans. There are good ones among them, and they are fighting to turn the devils of darkness into devils of light. The good devils need a human to become a hero, tracking down each bad devil’s contract and converting them toward the light.


Choices, choices…

Players must join forces with these good devils and defeat the evil roaming the streets of Tokyo. Players fight with a deck of six cards, chosen from a pool of 500. Levelling up allows players to enhance their cards using the upgrade system which includes merging, skill transfer, recontract and evolution. Each move made is determined by the player’s choice between three cards, with the outcomes ranging from rewarding to perilous. Players can also battle against each other via an Arena mode, or compete to travel the furthest distance in Crystal of the Abyss. It is also possible to help each other out when fighting the Core of Darkness or the boss Devils.

Martin Seo, Palmple CEO:

“Devil Maker combines the best of anime art style, role-playing card battle, and adventurous gameplay into one package, with an immersive, extensive storyline and stimulating game content, this game is a ‘must play’ for mobile gaming, anime, and card battle fans alike.”


The devilish future Tokyo

Devil Maker: Tokyo is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. For more info, visit the Palmple’s official site and Facebook page. Check out the trailer below and prepare to make a deal with the Devils.

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