Captain Harlock CG Film 3-Minute Trailer Released

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Yes! Yes! We have another awesome trailer of the Captain Harlock CG Film and it is looking just as awesome as the others, if not, even more awesome! The official site for the upcoming remake posted the three minute trailer only today. This new trailer features a character that ISN’T Harlock, that’s outrageous, but the character shown is a new one by the name of Yama who was ordered to assassinate the Space Pirate by the Government. This movie is getting crowds in a frenzy and you can definitely see why, the classes tale of Captain Harlock is going to be thrown into the new age in a kick-arse way and it all starts with these action-packed trailers.

The Captain Harlock film hits Japanese theaters on the 7th of September this year in both 2D and 3D. Look, enough out of me, go and watch the fantastic trailer in the Featured Video Section below and don’t forget to head down to our comments section below that to drop us a line!

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