Grand Theft Auto V Bundle and Custom Headset Announced

Action News E3 2013 Playstation 3 Rockstar


GTA V made an interesting impression this year at E3, with Rockstar announcing a new Playstation 3 bundle that will come with the game, a 30 day Playstation Plus membership, the 500GB console, and a custom headset produced by Pulse, allowing the player to pick up all of the city’s sounds. How much you ask? How about a cool $299.


Not a shabby deal for those wanting a bigger and better console, and just like the bundles of the past, the offer will be quite tempting for those who have yet to take the dive in Sony’s older console. Keep in mind that there are other options for those with a PS3, but a great deal does await if you seen some new headphones and a shiny new system.

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