BulkyPix’s Brand New Game SongRush Is Almost Ready To Hit Up Smartphones and Tablets

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BulkyPix is back in action this summer for what they have said is to be their “lastest home-grown production” with the game SongRush! SongRush is a fresh, new and exciting music-based game where each and every level is generated by a song of your choice. With SongRush you use your favourite tunes to play your game.

The game is a “musical runner“, you guide a 2D, cartoon-styled character through particular courses which play out to the songs that you choose. The aim, of course, is to get through the whole song picking up bonuses and scoring points the whole way through. You start the game by choosing a song, any song, SongRush will use it no matter what it is, and the level will adjust itself to fit the melody and tempo. You take control of Ink who is the game’s funky, fresh main character. You help Ink avoid obstacles and you yourself use your knowledge of the songs’ particular changes in tempo and beat to anticipate what comes next and what you can do to get around the impending obstacle. Sliding and jumping at just the right times will earn you sweet combos, points and “perfect” runs that will increase your total score but keep the beat, players, because if you’re not feeling the rhythm then Ink will be in peril and could be snatched up by the tentacle monster he’s running from!

There are also player achievements to keep you going with this game for hours on end. You can compete against your friends in weekly tournaments, climb the leader board by challenging players worldwide and eventually become the true “Lord of Dance”!

SongRush is a free app that will be released on all iOS devices on the 20th of June (This month) and all Android devices sometime early July. Check out the gallery below to see all the pictures we have of the upcoming game and go study up on those tunes so you can be the best runner the world has ever seen.

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