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Wargame AirLand Battle Reveals New Campaign Map


After showing off its deck system, cinematic real-time strategy title Wargame AirLand Battle is doing things a little differently with its singleplayer campaign. A set of screenshots have been released of its campaign map in action below.

Eugen Systems have developed a campaign where players handle their armies and battle groups on a huge, strategic map of Europe. Here you can order units, request reinforcements and also launch support strikes like intel missions, special forces operations, satellite spying, tactical nuclear strikes (that’s right, nukes!) and more.

When a zone under your control is under attack, you have to defend it and when you launch an assault the game goes down into the battlefield. Armies are persistent throughout the campaign which will keep you playing cautious as once you lose a unit, it’s gone for good along with the experience it has earned.

Finally, the campaign map is playable online against another player which is the most welcome addition. Wargame Airland Battle is shaping up to be a sequel that not only expands on the original, but adds a whole lot of new stuff to the formula.

The strategy game will be out soon on May 30 for the PC.