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Recently released free-to-play action co-op title, Warframe, by Digital Extremes has received its eighth update packing new content and fixes for its player-base of over 2 million.

Update 8 brings along the new Clan Dojo where clans can build, research and train in a customised area for themselves:

  • BUILD [Alpha]: User-created level building begins! In the first iteration of this feature, Clan members contribute resources and aid in the construction of their Clan’s Dojo. Architects have total control of the layout – selecting hallways, junctions and special rooms to build. Clan members ‘vote with their resources’, funding construction to completion. Future updates will expand these construction features and customizations.
  • RESEARCH [Alpha]:  Build Dojo rooms to open up technology research options providing your Clan exclusive access to an array of deadly new weapons. Clan members collect research samples and pool resources to fund advanced new weaponry projects. The results?  Access to Blueprints that builds never-before-seen weaponry in the Foundry!
  • DUELING [Alpha]: Build special dueling rooms in your Dojo and challenge members of your Clan to friendly 1v1 Dueling.  Clan members can watch the action, set up match rules through discussion in Global chat and referee from the sidelines. Coming Soon – Dueling Leaderboards.

Explore new locations:

  • GRINEER GALLEON: At last we reveal the Grineer ships – Explore the vast, rusted space-submarine like chambers that exude the gritty bulk of the Grineer army. Beware Tenno, new vicious enemies are onboard and hell-bent on dismembering any Tenno they find.
  • OROKIN VOID: Hidden within a dimensional fold are the fortresses of the Ancient Orokin race. Buy, build or loot Void Keys to open up exciting loot runs in the Ancient Orokin Towers. Stay alert Tenno: the Void is a dangerous place, fraught with traps and guarded by the corrupted remains of past raiders!

A whole bunch of other welcome additions include:

  • 22 NEW WEAPONS including energy weapons, biological toxins, high-impact explosives and more!
  • 9 NEW MODS including 3 mods (Sanctuary, Reach, Master Thief) designed collectively by the Warframe community through our exclusive Design Council.
  • NEW WARFRAME – a trapper Warframe, the highly tactical VAUBAN uses his powers to create deadly traps that can zap, imprison and dimensionally crush enemies!
  • Plus, loads of fixes based on feedback from our incredible community!

Check out all the new stuff in the developer video below! For more info visit the official site.

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