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“Toriko: Gourmet ga Battle!” 3DS Game’s Fresh Trailer

Chop, Slice, Dice! Ok enough about dinner 'cause it's time to fight!
Chop, Slice, Dice! Ok enough about dinner ’cause it’s time to fight!

A fresh, new trailer for Namco Bandai’s Toriko game “Gourmet ga Battle” has just been released and it’s making us all work up an appetite! The crazy, action-packed, four-player 3DS brawler is hitting Japan sometime this Summer and a new promotional video has just been released. The video shows a whole lot of what the game has in store from power-ups, to support characters, to group battles with the series’ various colossal monsters. Adding to it all there will also be a “Gourmet ga Battle Tournament” which is supposed to feature a brand-new and original story.

A list of playable characters has been released and they are as follows:

Toriko, Coco, Sunny, Zebra, Teppei, Starjun, Grinpatch, Tommyrod, Match, Takimaru, Guemon, Melk the Second, Terry Cloth, Zonge, Shuu, Alfaro, Chin Chinchin, and Chiyo. Among the support characters are Komatsu, Rin, Tom, Melk the First, Yosaku, Love, Yun, Chiru, Chirin, Monchy, and Kuromado.

This line-up is fairly awesome for a fighting game. With this many of the main cast as playable character neither you nor your three friends will have to fight to play as your favourite character.

Gourmet ga Battle! arrives in Japan on the 4th of July. Check out the video in our Featured Video section below and don’t forget to hit up our comments section to tell us what you think of this game.