Special Forces: Team X Steam Sale and Permanent Price Drop

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Microprose’s Special Forces: Team X will be getting a Steam sale starting May 6th. It will be on sale for $4.99 USD for one full week. After that, the game will only cost $9.99. Currently, the game costs $14.99.

Special Forces: Team X is a 3rd person team based shooter that features constantly changing maps, five multiplayer modes, and a unique comics style graphics.

Microprose released the following statement in regards to the game’s rocky launch:

“Initially, the game launched with a bug that could randomly reset character XP under certain conditions, and we deeply apologize to any of our players that had to experience this. However, since then multiple patches have been released on Steam to address the issue and also to subtly alter the play mechanics based on customer feedback, which we believe now delivers a faster paced and smoother experience. We are hoping that this price drop will bring players into the game that may have been scared away by the initial launch problems.”

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