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Icon Home Entertainment is bringing two action-packed sequels to Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital on May 15th; Tai Chi Hero 3D and Hamilton: Not If It Concerns Your Daughter. Read on for their synopses. 

The second entry in the steam-punk martial arts Tai Chi saga, Tai Chi Hero 3D deals with the young LuChan, who begins to study the powerful martial art after hastily marrying Master Chen’s daughter. But the villagers are reminded of the ancient prophecy that threatens the village’s complete destruction should they teach an outsider their sacred form, and so LuChan is ostracised once again. When the villainous Fang returns to exact his revenge with an army of steampunk soldiers, the villagers finally realize they must place their trust in the outsider in order to survive the impending attack. But could it be too late?…

You can purchase the first film in the series, Tai Chi Zero 3D, right here.

Hamilton: Not If It Concerns Your Daughter sees Hamilton’s 7-year old goddaughter Nathalie abducted – an event that causes intense and painful memories of the loss of his own family, through an act of revenge, to resurface. Happening shortly after her mother, head of the Swedish Security Police, made ill-advised comments to the media about Muslim separatist groups, her kidnappers demand a high price in the form of cash and political concessions. When the Swedish authorities remain passive, Hamilton is forced to take action.

Haven’t seen the first movie? Hamilton: In The Interest Of The Nation is available here.

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