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The team over at WarioWare Inc., alongside their self-professed fearless leader Wario, has been hard at work on his new Wii U game, titled Game and Wario. To assist Wario fulfill his dream of releasing his new game by June 23rd, he has turned to the public for help, reaching out to them through social media, and more specifically his newly created crowdsourcing website,


Through Crowdfarter (which is clearly a parody of the latest crowdsourcing trend), fans and visitors to the site can help Wario by sharing and liking his site, as well as his daily Facebook and Twitter news. This in turn generates gold coins, which unlock various stretchgoals leading up to the 23rd of this month, such as ringtones and exclusive videos and wallpaper. Wario will also be taking some time out to personally visit Crowdfarter, with daily executive updates, ranging from not so helpful tips through to exclusive Game and Wario assets.

For more information and to like and share Wario’s dream please visit

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